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8 Romantic Destinations to Visit After Getting Engaged, Per T+L’s A-List Advisors

You’re naturally excited to celebrate your engagement, but the burden of wedding preparation may soon become overwhelming. So why not spend a few days to toast to your future together now rather than waiting until the honeymoon? Before you get overwhelmed with wedding planning, you may spend time with your future husband and begin a lifetime of adventures by organising a post-engagement vacation. Here are some of the top locations for a recent engagement celebration that have been recommended by T+L’s dependable A-List travel experts.

Region of Coffee in Colombia

There are several options available in Colombia’s coffee area that will appeal to all the senses. You may use this private property, which Blue Parallel has access to, as a base to explore the many coffee and fruit estates in the area. It is located deep into the forest. The coffee area is romantic and wonderful for the young at heart, with activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, coffee sampling, and trips to charming colonial villages. The Valle de Cocora National Park, which has the tallest palm palms in the world, is the main attraction. —Blue Parallel, Emmanuel Burgio

St. Lucia

I often advise couples wanting to celebrate a recent engagement to choose a hotel that is so magical that may wind up being the highlight of your vacation. Several of the hotels in our range of Fine Hotels + Resorts stand out for their specific offers. Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort in Soufriere, Saint Lucia, is one of my favourites. The Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site, can be seen from the private property where couples may enjoy morning yoga or a swim in the pool. This house is located on a former sugar plantation and is flanked by sugar beach’s white beaches and a beautiful jungle. Platinum Card Members may use your $100 property credit towards a soothing spa treatment at the Rainforest Spa when they make their travel arrangements via American Express Travel. American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services’ Marcus Barlow

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Escape to Riviera Nayarit and enjoy luxurious lodgings at Las Ventanas al Paraso, A Rosewood Resort, and One&Only Mandarina. I adore recommending a romantic route that includes a private charter aircraft to Punta de Mita (Imanta), the Costa Careyes (Las Alamandas), Puerto Vallarta (Hacienda San Angel), and each of these resorts. We also like planning romantic surprises, such as an after-hours excursion to an archaeological site and an unexpected champagne toast in the forest. — Zachary Rabinor, Travel Mexico

British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest

I would refer visitors to Nimmo Bay Resort, which is situated in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia on the coast. There are just 9 accommodations, making it very private, and the emphasis is on health and an incredible gastronomic experience. The area offers unrestricted access to activities like kayaking, whale watching, and seeing grizzly and black bears. There are many secluded locations in breathtaking surroundings at Nimmo Bay where visitors may be left off with a picnic meal (even on a glacier), a fishing pole, a few kayaks, everything they need, a roaring fire, and more. Additionally, there is a floating sauna dock, which is 2 minutes by boat or 20 minutes by kayak from the resort. It is isolated in a bay with sporadic sightings of black bears along the coast. You alone, wine, lunch, a wood-burning private sauna, robes, and complete privacy are there. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in this manner. from Marc Telio of Entree Canada

Montana’s Greeno, The

The Greeno, Greenough, Montana’s newest luxury mountain resort, offers accommodations amid the woods. This newly developed, ultra-modern resort for adults only exudes seclusion and luxury. This hidden gem provides the ideal setting, hidden among towering pine trees, for people seeking romance and tranquilly or outdoor activity. Twelve private haus rooms are available at The Greeno, including the ultra-modern Tree Haus, Green Haus, Round Haus, and Light Haus. Take in the breathtaking outside scenery as you gaze amid magnificent trees. Linda Scroggins from Affluent Luxury Travel

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Saint Barth

A shorter celebration at Eden Rock in St. Barths is ideal for someone who cannot go on a lengthy honeymoon or post-engagement vacation. What better spot to start your life together than in a lush Caribbean paradise where the hotel understands how to treat lovebirds? — Skylark, Paul Tumpowsky

Croatian Istria

The soft hills of Istria, a wonderfully charming place that located, appropriately, on a heart-shaped peninsula, are the most romantic thing I can imagine. The Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery’s rustic elegance appears like the ideal vantage point from which for young couples to explore. I will never forget my first trip there. We arrived at the gate and made our way to a stone home that was encircled by a picturesque stretch of olive groves after passing through rows of cyprus trees. In the garden, I have one of the day’s most enchanted and rapt recollections. We sat down to enjoy a bottle of wine as the sun sank low, casting long afternoon shadows and an opalescent light over the garden. As an extraordinary event happened, the air was softened by the aroma of lavender. Butterflies were everywhere in the yard; their colourful wings flapped in all directions like a kaleidoscope. It was a joyful time. Visit Croatia’s Wanda S. Radetti

Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm

The engagement celebration should be intimate and romantic, with delicious food and spa time to help you unwind. How about a few days at Walland, Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm? There is no limit to the number of activities you may complete. A visual feast may be had by just sitting and gazing out towards the Great Smoky Mountains. — Valerie Wilson Travel, Kimberly Wilson Wetty

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