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How to Add a Travel Fund to Your Cebu Pacific Account?

If you need to cancel or change your Cebu Pacific flight booking, adding a travel fund allows you to redeem the value of your booking for future flights. The travel fund acts as a credit in your Cebu Pacific account that you can use anytime without expiration. This handy option ensures you don’t lose the money you paid if your travel plans change.

What is a Cebu Pacific Travel Fund?

A Cebu Pacific travel fund is essentially a credit balance you can build up in your Cebu Pacific account to use for future flight bookings. It works similarly to a gift card – the funds are tied to your account and can be used to pay for flights.

When you cancel or change a flight, you have the option to get a travel fund instead of a cash refund. The amount you paid for the original flight gets deposited into your travel fund balance. You can then redeem this balance to pay for a new flight booking.

The key benefits of a travel fund include:

  • No expiration date – Unlike a traditional flight credit, your Cebu Pacific travel fund doesn’t expire. You can use it anytime in the future.
  • Flexibility – Travel plans change. A travel fund protects you from losing the money you already paid if you need to alter your flights.
  • Easy to use – When booking a new flight, you simply select travel fund as the payment option during checkout to redeem your balance.
  • Transferable – Travel funds can be transferred to another traveler in your family or friend group if you want.

Overall, a travel fund gives you flexibility and peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about losing the funds you already paid if your travel dates or plans need to change.

When Can You Get a Travel Fund?

There are two scenarios when you can opt for a travel fund with Cebu Pacific:

  1. Canceling a flight – If you need to cancel your flight altogether, you can choose a travel fund refund instead of a cash refund when processing the cancellation.
  2. Changing or rebooking a flight – If you need to alter your flight details, you can also choose a travel fund as your refund/credit option when you rebook or change the flight.
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As long as you cancel or change your flight booking before departure, and at least 2 hours before the scheduled time, you are eligible to get a travel fund.

Note that there are no fees or penalties to get a travel fund refund. You get the entire original value you paid for the flight credited back into your account as a travel fund.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Travel Fund

Adding a travel fund to your Cebu Pacific account is straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Log Into Your Cebu Pacific Account

First, log into your Cebu Pacific online account via their website or mobile app. Make sure you are signed into the correct account that holds the flight booking.

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one first before proceeding.

2. Go to Manage Booking and Select Your Flight

Once logged in, go to the Manage Booking section. Here you will see all your existing and upcoming flight bookings.

Select the booking that you want to cancel or change which will give you the travel fund refund.

3. Choose Cancel/Rebook Option

With your booking selected, click on the Cancel/Rebook option.

This will start the process to either cancel the flight altogether or change the flight details like date, routing, or number of passengers.

4. Select Travel Fund as Refund Method

After choosing to cancel or rebook, you will see various refund and credit options. One of these options will be Travel Fund.

Select Travel Fund to add the value of the booking to your Cebu Pacific travel fund balance rather than get a cash refund.

5. Review and Agree to Travel Fund Terms

Carefully review the terms and conditions applicable to the travel fund. This will outline expiration policies, eligible bookings, and other fine print details.

Once you agree to the travel fund policies, check the box to indicate your agreement.

6. Confirm Cancellation or Flight Changes

Double check all details like flight times, dates, and number of passengers to ensure it matches your request.

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Then confirm the cancellation or rebooking changes.

7. Travel Fund Will be Added Automatically

Once your cancellation or rebooking is approved and processed, the travel fund balance gets automatically credited to your Cebu Pacific account.

You will see the travel fund reflected in your account typically within 1-2 hours.

8. Redeem Funds When Booking New Flight

When you are ready to book a new flight, start the booking process as usual by selecting your flights, class, dates, etc.

At the payment page, you will see your travel fund balance displayed. Select this as the form of payment to redeem your balance.

If the travel fund doesn’t cover the full cost, you can pay the remainder with another payment method like credit card.

That’s it! By choosing the travel fund option, you can easily redeem the value of your canceled or changed flight for a new booking.

Tips for Using Your Cebu Pacific Travel Fund

Keep these tips in mind to maximize your travel fund value and usage:

  • Monitor your travel fund balance which is visible in your online account. Check it before booking a new flight to see available funds.
  • Travel funds don’t expire so no need to rush to use them. Take your time and book a new flight whenever it suits your schedule.
  • You can add multiple travel funds over time from different bookings. All your funds are pooled into one balance.
  • If your travel fund doesn’t cover the full cost of a new booking, you can pay the remainder with another payment method.
  • Travel funds can be transferred to another traveler for free. Simply contact Cebu Pacific customer service to initiate the transfer.
  • You can top up your travel fund via the Cebu Pacific website or app if you want to increase the balance.
  • Travel funds can only be used to book flights marketed and operated by Cebu Pacific, Cebgo or TigerAir Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do travel funds last?

Cebu Pacific travel funds don’t expire. You can use them any time in the future without limitation. The funds will remain in your account unless redeemed for a flight booking.

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Can I transfer my travel fund to someone else?

Yes, you can freely transfer your travel fund to another passenger as long as they have their own Cebu Pacific account. Contact Cebu Pacific customer service to facilitate the transfer.

What happens if I don’t use all my travel fund on a booking?

Any unused travel fund balance remains active in your account for future bookings. For example, if you have a ₱5,000 fund but only use ₱3,000 on a flight, ₱2,000 will remain for your next booking.

What if my new flight costs more than my travel fund balance?

You can pay the remainder of the flight cost using another payment method, like a credit card. Your travel fund will be used first, then the additional cost is paid separately.

Can I get a cash refund instead of a travel fund?

Yes, a cash refund is also an option if you prefer. However, you can only get a travel fund credit when you voluntarily cancel or rebook a flight – not for involuntary cancellations or changes by Cebu Pacific.

Are there any fees to get or use a travel fund?

No, there are no Cebu Pacific fees or penalties associated with travel funds. You get the full original value of your booking credited back when you opt for a travel fund refund.


Having a Cebu Pacific travel fund provides useful flexibility if you need to alter your flight arrangements. By choosing a travel fund refund when you cancel or rebook flights, you can redeem the amount you paid on a new flight booking any time in the future.

The key takeaways for successfully using travel funds include:

  • Travel funds don’t expire so you can use them whenever needed
  • Easily redeem funds when booking a flight by selecting travel fund payment
  • Transfer funds to another traveler if desired
  • Top up your balance if your fund doesn’t cover the full flight cost

With no fees or limitations, a Cebu Pacific travel fund gives you peace of mind that the money you paid is not lost if plans change. Enjoy greater flexibility for your future travels!

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