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How to Convert Travel Fund to Cash Cebu Pacific?

The Complete Guide

If you have a Cebu Pacific travel fund from a cancelled or changed flight booking, you may be wondering if there’s a way to get the cash value instead of just a credit for future bookings.

While travel funds are useful for rebooking flights later on, sometimes getting the money back directly can be more practical. Fortunately, there are a few different options to convert your Cebu Pacific travel fund into cash.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what a Cebu Pacific travel fund is, and go through different methods to change it back into cash. This includes getting refunds, transferring to others, using for add-ons, booking refundable tickets, and even exchanging with other travelers.

Follow along to understand your options in depth so you can decide the best way to redeem your Cebu Pacific credit and put the money back in your wallet.

What is a Cebu Pacific Travel Fund?

First, let’s quickly recap what exactly a Cebu Pacific travel fund is.

When you book a flight with Cebu Pacific, and your flight gets cancelled or changed significantly, you are entitled to a refund or travel fund credit under aviation regulations.

Instead of refunding to your original payment method, Cebu Pacific issues a travel fund which is basically a credit that you can use towards future flight bookings with them.

The value of your travel fund is equal to the amount you paid for your cancelled or changed flight. This includes the airfare, fees, and any add-ons purchased like baggage allowance or seats.

Travel funds from Cebu Pacific are valid for 2 years from the date they were issued. So you have 24 months to use the credit to book another flight.

The main benefit of a travel fund is it locks in the value you paid upfront. So if flight prices increase in the future, you can still redeem your credit at no additional cost (besides any fare difference).

However, in some cases, you may actually prefer to convert your Cebu Pacific travel fund to get the cash value instead. Let’s look at your options to make this happen:

1. Request a Refund to Original Payment Method

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cebu Pacific is providing refunds to original payment methods for many existing travel funds:

  • Travel funds issued due to flights cancelled from March 2020 to August 2020 are eligible for refunds.
  • You need to submit a refund request by contacting Cebu Pacific customer support via phone, email, social media, or the website support form.
  • Provide your booking reference number so they can look up your travel fund.
  • Cebu Pacific will process the request and deposit the refund back to the original mode of payment.
  • For credit card payments, the refund will be deposited back to your card. For cash payments, it will be refunded to your bank account.
  • Processing time is around 6-8 weeks once requested.
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So if your Cebu Pacific flight was cancelled anytime from March to August 2020, you can get the cash value back by requesting a refund to your original payment method.

Check Cebu Pacific’s official website for the most updated policies on travel fund refunds. As they resume more flights, the exact dates and eligibility may change.

3. Transfer Your Travel Fund to Another Person

Cebu Pacific also gives you the option to transfer your travel fund credit to someone else:

  • You can transfer your travel fund to any person of your choice – friends, family, etc.
  • There is a processing fee of PHP 1,500 per travel fund to facilitate the transfer.
  • The person receiving your travel fund can use it to book flights just like regular credit.
  • They don’t need to be related to you or booked as your companion. Anyone can use it.
  • Transfers are done via the Manage Booking portal on Cebu Pacific’s website. Log in and find the Transfer Travel Fund option.
  • You will need the recipient’s personal details like full name, date of birth, contact details etc.
  • Once transferred, the new owner has access to the full value to redeem on flights.

By transferring to another traveler, you effectively convert your travel fund to cash that you can receive from them in return. Agree on an amount beforehand so it’s a smooth exchange.

Just remember there is a fee involved, so factor that into the conversion value. The recipient also gets the flexibility to redeem it gradually across multiple bookings if needed.

3. Use Your Travel Fund for Cebu Pacific Add-Ons

Another option is to use your Cebu Pacific travel fund towards add-ons and ancillaries when booking a new flight:

  • When redeeming your travel fund to book a flight, any leftover balance can be used to pay for extras.
  • This includes seat selection, extra baggage allowance, in-flight meals, airport add-ons, and any other ancillary fees.
  • Essentially, you use the travel fund first to pay for the base fare only.
  • Then the extras are charged separately to your cash payment method on file.
  • This draws down your travel fund balance, while only needing to pay cash for the variables.

By maximizing add-ons when redeeming your travel fund, you minimize the cash outlay needed on your end. Eventually, you can use up the full credit without spending your own money.

You can get creative with the extras, like purchasing more baggage than needed, indulgent meals for everyone, ad-on fees that may not provide much value. The goal is to utilize the full credit.

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Just be aware that changes or cancellations later on may tie back the add-ons to your travel fund again. Plan wisely when booking to use the credit on items you will retain.

4. Book a Fully Refundable Flight

A clever approach is to use your travel fund towards a fully refundable ticket:

  • Cebu Pacific offers some flight fares that are 100% refundable even after booking.
  • The downside is these are typically 2-3x the price of regular fares.
  • However, by redeeming your travel fund to purchase a refundable fare, you can then cancel and get the full value back in cash.

Here is how it works:

  1. Find a suitable Cebu Pacific flight and select the refundable fare class.
  2. When booking, redeem your travel fund to cover the base fare cost.
  3. Pay any outstanding balance with your own cash payment method.
  4. After booking, cancel the refundable ticket per policy.
  5. Cebu Pacific will refund the full booking cost (including travel fund) back to original payment.

By taking this approach, your travel fund gets refunded in cash rather than credited back. Just be aware of any admin fees or restrictions that apply with refundable fares.

The trick is finding a flight where the gap between the travel fund and full fare cost is reasonable for you to cover in cash. Be sure to read the fare rules carefully when booking refundable.

5. Exchange Your Travel Fund with Other Travelers

Finally, you can look to exchange your Cebu Pacific travel fund directly with other travelers who want credits on Cebu Pacific:

  • Post in Cebu Pacific enthusiast forums or community groups explaining you want to sell your travel fund.
  • Be upfront about the value of your credit and how much you want in cash in exchange.
  • Interested buyers will contact you and you can negotiate fair rates for both sides.
  • Once agreed, transfer your travel fund to the buyer per Cebu Pacific’s process.
  • Have the buyer prepare the cash payment to you via bank transfer, remittance, etc.
  • Complete the handover once the travel fund transfer and cash payment are both confirmed.

This allows you to essentially sell off your travel fund balance and receive the cash value you desire from a willing buyer. It takes more effort to find an interested party, but the payout can be favorable.

Be sure to only transact with trusted, reputable people. And don’t reveal sensitive details until the exchange is imminent. This method does entail some risk compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about converting Cebu Pacific travel funds into cash:

Q: Does Cebu Pacific allow travel funds to be converted to cash?

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A: There is no direct method to convert funds to cash. But Cebu Pacific provides options like refunds, transfers, and refundable tickets that enable you to redeem the cash value in practice.

Q: Can I get a cash/bank transfer refund instead of credit card refund?

A: For now, Cebu Pacific is only providing refunds to original payment methods. So credit card payments are refunded to card, and cash payments to bank accounts. Direct bank transfer refunds are not accommodated.

Q: What is the best way to convert large Cebu Pacific travel funds to cash?

A: For large funds, your best bet is to request a refund if eligible. Otherwise, transferring to a friend or family member who pays you the equivalent cash is recommended over dealing with strangers.

Q: Are there any fees to convert my Cebu Pacific travel fund?

A: The only method with a direct fee is when transferring your travel fund to another person. There is a PHP 1,500 processing fee levied by Cebu Pacific for the transfer. Other options like refunds and refundable tickets do not charge conversion fees.

Q: How quickly can I convert my Cebu Pacific travel fund to cash?

A: The fastest method is transferring to another traveler and coordinating payment with them. Refunds take 6-8 weeks to process. Refundable tickets allow conversion after booking and cancelling.

Q: What happens if I don’t use my Cebu Pacific travel funds before expiry?

A: If your travel fund expires before use, the credit is forfeited and you cannot get the cash value back. So be sure to use one of the conversion options before the 2-year validity period ends.

Q: Can I get cash back if my travel fund was from a flight delayed, but not cancelled?

A: Unfortunately, travel funds issued for delays are not eligible for refunds. You will need to use one of the other conversion methods available.


Converting your Cebu Pacific travel fund into cash takes a bit of effort, but there are several options at your disposal.

If eligible, applying for a refund to your original payment method is the most straightforward approach. Transferring your credit to another traveler is also effective, albeit with small fees involved.

Booking fully refundable tickets and redeeming add-ons can require more planning, but lets you draw down funds creatively. And exchanging with other travelers directly may offer favorable rates if you find the right counterparty.

At the end of the day, don’t let your hard-earned travel funds go to waste. As long as you act before expiry, you can recoup the cash by using one of these intelligent conversion techniques. Just be sure to check Cebu Pacific’s latest policies and procedures when choosing your method.

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