How to Convert Travel Funds to Luv Voucher?

If you’ve ever had to cancel or change a Southwest Airlines flight, you probably received a travel credit or fund valid for one year. While these credits make rebooking easy, the short expiration timeline can mean losing funds if you don’t use them in time.

Luckily, Southwest offers Luv Vouchers as a way to extend your travel funds. Luv Vouchers add between 6 months to 2 years to your credit and make them transferrable. Read on to learn everything about converting your Southwest travel funds to a Luv Voucher.

What are Southwest Luv Vouchers?

Southwest Luv Vouchers act as gift certificates that can be used towards future Southwest bookings. They are issued in specific dollar amounts and can be used for up to two years from the date of issue. Luv Vouchers extend the expiration of your Southwest travel funds.

Unlike regular travel funds which are tied to your Southwest account, Luv Vouchers are transferable. You can use Luv Vouchers to book flights for yourself, gift them to others for their Southwest travel, or even re-gift unused portions.

Benefits of Converting to a Luv Voucher

Here are some of the top benefits of converting your Southwest travel funds into a Luv Voucher:

  • Extends validity of funds by up to 2 years
  • Voucher is transferable to gift Southwest travel
  • Unused voucher value returns to a new travel fund
  • Works towards Companion Pass qualifications
  • Can be purchased for less than face value from resellers

The extended expiration date makes Luv Vouchers ideal if you need more time to use your existing travel funds with Southwest.

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How to Convert Travel Funds into a Luv Voucher?

Follow these steps to convert your Southwest travel funds into a Luv Voucher:

  1. Check your account for unused travel funds

Log into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account and navigate to “My Account” and then “Travel Funds” to view your balance. Make note of any pending credits not yet deposited as these can also convert.

  1. Contact Southwest Customer Service

Call Southwest or initiate a chat online to speak with a representative. Request to convert your available travel funds into a Luv Voucher.

  1. Pay the conversion fee

There is a fee charged by Southwest to convert funds, usually around $100. Southwest will accept a credit card to pay this fee.

  1. Confirm Voucher details

Ask the representative to confirm the Luv Voucher expiration date. Most vouchers will expire 2 years from the date of issue. Record the voucher confirmation number.

  1. Receive Voucher via email

Within 24 hours, Southwest will email a digital Luv Voucher to use for future bookings. You can also request a physical gift certificate be mailed.

How to Use a Luv Voucher?

Luv Vouchers can be applied in several ways:

  • Booking online – Enter the voucher confirmation number to automatically apply the balance
  • Booking via phone – Provide the voucher number to the agent
  • In-person – Show a printed voucher at airport check-in
  • To gift travel – Transfer the voucher number to recipient

Any unused voucher value gets converted to a new travel fund in your Southwest account upon expiration. The new travel fund will have the standard one year expiration.

Make sure to enter the voucher number at time of booking to automatically use the balance towards tickets, fees, upgrades, and more.

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Tips for Maximizing Luv Vouchers

Follow these tips to get the most value from Southwest Luv Vouchers:

  • Purchase vouchers with large balances to extend longer.
  • Use towards higher-priced Anytime or Business Select fares to maximize the balance.
  • Book and ticket for companions to efficiently use large balances.
  • Utilize for vacation packages and hotel bookings not just flights.
  • Gift leftover balances to friends or family to avoid expiration.
  • Re-gift unused portions as thoughtful travel gifts.
  • Purchase discounted vouchers from resellers before expiration dates.

Purchasing Luv Vouchers

In addition to converting existing travel funds, Luv Vouchers can also be purchased directly from Southwest:

  • Purchase online in preset amounts ($50, $100, $250, etc.)
  • Order by phone – Southwest can mail physical gift certificate
  • Buy third-party seller vouchers at a discount

When buying vouchers, keep the 2 year expiration in mind. Also know that lost or stolen paper vouchers cannot be replaced.

Luv Voucher Policies and Restrictions

Before converting your Southwest travel funds, be aware of these Luv Voucher policies:

  • $100 minimum to convert travel funds
  • $100 fee applies for all fund conversions
  • Vouchers are non-refundable if unused
  • Blackout dates may apply for certain fare classes
  • Cannot be applied towards EarlyBird purchases
  • Limit 2 vouchers used per booking

As long as you follow expiration rules and read the fine print, Luv Vouchers give you the most flexibility with Southwest travel funds.

FAQs on Luv Vouchers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions on Southwest Luv Vouchers:

How do I check the balance of my Luv Voucher?

Log into your Southwest account and navigate to “My Account” then “Luv Vouchers” to view balances. You can also ask a Southwest agent to check while booking.

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Can I use a Luv Voucher towards baggage fees?

Yes, Luv Vouchers can be applied towards checked baggage fees, oversized bag charges, and pet fees. They cover ancillary purchases beyond just flights.

What if my Luv Voucher has leftover balances after booking?

Any unused voucher funds will be returned to your Southwest account as a new travel fund, expiring in one year.

Can I use a Luv Voucher to book a flight for a friend?

Absolutely. Luv Vouchers are transferable so you can gift them to book flights for others. Share the voucher number with them to redeem.

Can I combine multiple Luv Vouchers towards one booking?

Southwest limits voucher usage to two per booking. But you can apply two separate vouchers on a single reservation.


Applying travel funds as Southwest Luv Vouchers allows you to get the most value from your unused flight credits. Take advantage of the extended two year expiration and transferable nature of vouchers. Be sure to use them strategically for maximum savings on Southwest Airlines bookings and to avoid leaving money on the table.

With a small conversion fee, Southwest Luv Vouchers give you the flexibility to gift Southwest travel or save credits for a special occasion trip within two years. Follow the tips in this guide to make the most of vouchers.

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