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The 5 Best Low-Cost Luggage Options for 2023

Travel may be incredibly costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, save money everywhere you can. I’ll show you how to get the finest cheap baggage that is both sturdy and useful without breaking the bank.

When looking for baggage on a budget, it may be difficult to find reasonably priced luggage that is durable enough to survive more than a few trips. With so many low-cost bags available, it’s difficult to distinguish between those that provide excellent value and those that may break in a few months.

I’ve traveled all over the globe on a shoestring budget, so I’m well-versed in the use of low-cost luggage. I damaged the wheels of two inexpensive suitcases while dragging them across Germany’s cobblestone streets. Since then, I’ve concentrated on finding baggage that is both inexpensive and long-lasting. It’s not worth it to save a few dollars on a luggage that you’ll have to replace after a few travels.

As a result, our approach to budget baggage is to identify bags that are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality or durability. In the long term, investing in something that is made to endure will save you more money.

That’s not to suggest you have to pay a bunch to acquire a useful, long-lasting luggage. This article will provide you with the finest options for low-cost baggage that can withstand trip abuse.

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AmazonBasics 21″ Hardside Spinner: Best Low-Cost Carry-On

AmazonBasics is recognized for selling high-quality items at affordable rates, such as shirts, keyboards, and staplers. You won’t receive the same workmanship and attention to detail with an AmazonBasics suitcase as you would with a more expensive model, but you can expect solid overall quality.

Carry-on bags may take a lot of punishment during travel, so when looking for the finest budget carry-on baggage, look for something that will withstand being packed into overhead bins and dragged about.

For its modest price, the AmazonBasics 21″ Hardside Spinner is a surprisingly well-made hardside carry-on luggage. This straightforward bag sticks out in the throng of budget luggage because to its robust exterior, smooth spinning wheels, and adequate storage capacity.

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The ABS plastic hard shell isn’t as tough as a polycarbonate suitcase, but it’s about what you’d expect for the price. The hardshell’s rough, rippling appearance really increases durability, strength, and scratch resistance.

This case has no outside pockets, but it does contain compression straps, a zipped divider, and three zippered compartments on the interior. It’s simple to organize and access your carry-on belongings.

The four spinner wheels provide smooth movement in all directions. They feel fairly durable and should last a long time if not used on really difficult terrain.

Overall, this AmaonBasics carry-on is an excellent pick for anybody looking for basic, dependable carry-on baggage at a reasonable price.

eBags E.V.M. Large Spinner: Best Value in Hardside Luggage

eBags is a baggage company that was formed in 1998 with the purpose of improving the travel experience. One of my favorite aspects of this company is that they place a great value on customer input and are continually making improvements in response to reviews, comments, and returns.

eBags features a large selection of items, many of which are reasonably priced. They put a lot of value and features into some of the finest budget baggage available.

Hardside baggage is the greatest solution for anybody who need extra protection for breakable things. The finest inexpensive hardside luggage should be strong, lightweight, and have decent internal organizing features.

The eBags E.V.M. Large Spinner is the best low-cost hardside suitcase I’ve found. It has a sleek, elegant appearance, a robust structure, and excellent internal organization.

This case is well-made, with a durable polypropylene outer shell, aluminum telescopic handle, and well-built spinning wheels. While it may not be prepared for the apocalypse, you can rely on this low-cost luggage to get you wherever you need to go without breaking.

This case has a built-in TSA lock to keep your stuff safe. Using integrated locks is much more convenient than dealing with an external suitcase lock.

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With an expandable construction that provides up to 1″ of storage capacity, this suitcase optimizes internal packing space. Expandable packing capacity is a nice feature that makes a bag more adaptable for a range of excursions if you travel regularly.

There is also an eBags E.V.M. carry-on if you need carry-on size hardside baggage.

If you’re searching for low-cost hardside baggage, I strongly suggest the eBags E.V.M.

Travelpro Maxlite 5: The Best Low-Cost Softside Luggage

A Northwest Airlines pilot who designed the first rollaboard suitcase started Travelpro. He began the firm by creating baggage for pilots and flight workers, and that functional design has carried over to fantastic gear for all travelers.

Travelpro has been on the forefront of baggage innovation for decades. They are continually improving their designs in order to provide lighter, more durable, and more useful goods.

Softside baggage is an excellent option for a carry-on since it has additional exterior pockets that make your things readily accessible when traveling. A softside carry-on is also less in weight and simpler to hoist into overhead bins.

There are certainly less expensive solutions available, but the Travelpro Maxlite 5 excels at providing good value for money rather than being the cheapest baggage on the market.

This softside carry-on is made of high-denier polyester fabric that has been treated with a DuraGuard coating. This makes the bag water-resistant and long-lasting, making it suitable for regular travelers.

This suitcase’s rollaboard design has two fixed-position wheels rather than the spinning wheels that have grown increasingly common. The two-wheeled design has several benefits, including increased longevity, enhanced ergonomics, and easier rolling over uneven terrain. Once you leave a smooth tile of the the airport, two-wheeled rolling baggage is a far better alternative, in my view.

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 is a fantastic bargain softside suitcase that will endure for years without breaking the bank.

LEVEL8 Grace Set: Best Value Luggage Set

LEVEL8 baggage focuses on simple design for optimal utility and adaptability when traveling. Their luggage are elegant, well-made, and provide excellent value at a variety of pricing ranges.

If you need to purchase more than one bag, luggage sets are a terrific way to save money. When opposed to purchasing luggage singly, you may save money by purchasing two or three bags.

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The LEVEL8 Grace Set, which includes a carry-on bag and two checked bags, represents excellent value in a travel package that will keep you prepared for everything. The cheap price for three sturdy bags makes this one of the most cost-effective baggage solutions available.

The three bags are all made of the same material, with a polycarbonate exterior and strengthened aluminum corners. These cases are very protective and designed to withstand a battering.

The bundled 24″ and 28″ check-in luggage provide plenty of storage space. You also have the option of bringing both for longer vacations or just one for shorter outings.

This low-cost baggage package includes a carry-on bag with an exterior pocket that opens to provide enough space for a 15.6″ laptop. This feature is uncommon in hardside bags, particularly at this price range, and it is ideal for keeping electronics or other goods conveniently accessible when traveling.

Additionally, all three luggage stack perfectly within one other. When you’re not traveling, this saves valuable storage space.

The LEVEL8 Grace Set is a terrific way to obtain three durable bags at an inexpensive price, whether you’re traveling with a family or just need additional capacity for long-term travel.

If you want additional alternatives, we have a comprehensive post on the best affordable baggage sets.

AmazonBasics: The Best Low-Cost Luggage Brand

It’s difficult to go wrong with AmazonBasics if you’re searching for a solid brand for the finest budget baggage. This is Amazon’s in-house brand that creates a wide range of items aimed at value-conscious customers. They sell everything from batteries to apparel to laundry detergent at astonishingly cheap costs.

While AmazonBasics luggage might not have the same degree of quality control, high-end materials, or handy features as more costly brands, they do provide useful bags that are robust enough for international travel.

AmazonBasics is one of the top luggage manufacturers where you can discover a useful and reasonable solution, whether you are searching for a lightweight carry-on or a huge checked bag, a softside or hardside suitcase, or baggage with spinning wheels or rollers.

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