The Top 10 Places to Go to Make Your Winter in 2023 Spectacular

There are a few considerations you should make when choosing a destination for your upcoming vacation with the family, solo trip, or outing with friends. Make sure the vacation destination you choose is free of the virus. Make sure that the country is accepting Indian tourists if you are planning a trip abroad.

The current weather and good flight connectivity are additional considerations when selecting a vacation spot. Is the amount of research you have to do already making your head spin?

Do not worry; we have chosen 10 of the top locations for you while keeping in mind all the aforementioned factors! Let’s start now!


Choose one of our Andaman vacation packages if diving into turquoise waters thrills you the most.

Our Andaman tour packages offer a variety of experiences, including time on the beach, trips to anthropological museums, and snorkeling and scuba diving.


Goa’s every corner is like something out of a fairy tale, with gold-strewn beaches, cathedrals where God dwells, heritage homes converted into restaurants where the wine never runs out.

You can discover Goa’s coastlines in a way that no one else can thanks to Thomas Cook India’s Goa tour packages.

Goa vacations with Thomas Cook India are unforgettable whether you want a brief getaway lasting one night and two days or are ready for a lengthy getaway lasting seven nights and eight days.

Himachal Pradesh

Holidays in Himachal Pradesh are some of the most memorable. Himachal Pradesh has something to offer for every type of traveler, from leisurely strolls along picturesque trails of undiscovered valleys to rafting along stretches of turbulent waters.

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The diversity that Himachal Pradesh offers its visitors is reflected in our Himachal Pradesh tour packages. What else? You can currently indulge your senses in the beauty of Shimla, Manali, and Chandigarh with our Heavenly Himachal buy one, get one free package.


Paradise on Earth must be included in a list of the top 10 vacation spots!

The Kashmir valley is the ideal vacation destination for your family because of its pristine lakes, pine forests, glaciers, and much more.

The vacations we arrange for you in Kashmir will leave you speechless. Our Kashmir tour packages will blow your mind with everything from afternoons on a shikara and drives through a field of saffron to visits to the historic Shankaracharya temple and a stroll through the Mughal Gardens, Nishat Bagh!


The cultural and geographic diversity you get to experience while on vacation in India is its best feature. We have everything, from dunes, ghats, and plains to mountains, hills, and beaches.

With Rajasthan vacations from Thomas Cook India, you can enjoy luxury without going over budget. We offer the best prices on our Best of Rajasthan and Colorful Rajasthan tour packages. Book yours right away!

Best vacation spots around the world

The following list is for you if you’re thinking about traveling abroad alone or with your family and want to know where Indians can currently travel:

Sri Lanka

This winter, Sri Lanka’s stunning landscapes are calling to you to come and explore them.

Sri Lanka vacations are wonderful because of the beaches where even the sun relaxes, the tea gardens that serve the most exquisite brews, and the elephant parks where you can see a baby elephant being bathed.

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You can’t go wrong with any of our delightful Sri Lanka vacation packages, including the exotic Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Paradise.


Dubai is a place where wishes are granted. Aside from the tall skyscrapers and accessibility to every luxury, it is a favorite vacation spot for adrenaline junkies.

You can visit the City of Gold for some of the most affordable prices with our Dubai Crazy Deals.

Theodore Cook India offers fantastic deals on tours to Dubai! We have everything planned for a thrilling trip, from taking in the lights at the Burj Khalifa to trying out some of the city’s unique and exhilarating activities. Additionally, you get to experience both the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Expo 2021 on one amazing trip!


Maldives is the next place you should visit if you want to end this year on a high note. Maldives is a beach bum’s favorite vacation destination because of its many beaches.

A trip to the Maldives is the ideal way to end 2021, with sand that is as white as snow and seafood that will have you falling in love with the islands.

Whether you choose a personalized vacation or one of our group Maldives tour packages, your time in the Maldives will be truly unforgettable.


Oman, which is brimming with natural and geological wonders, is poised to replace your current favorite vacation spot.

Prepare to learn more about the rich history and culture of the region with Thomas Cook India’s Oman vacation packages.


One of the best vacation spots has been saved for last. This winter, Mauritius is eagerly awaiting your visit!

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Our Mauritius vacation packages include hand-selected experiences that are crafted for every type of couple, making it the ideal honeymoon destination. We have everything under the sun for you, whether you want a cozy and private honeymoon with your spouse or want to begin your marriage on an adventurous note!

A trip requires a lot of planning, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Why not choose an opulent yet affordable Thomas Cook India vacation package and let us handle all the tedious and routine tasks related to making sure you have an amazing and dreamy vacation?

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